Sunday, April 12, 2009

Isa & Terry, You Geniuses, I love you.

I made these "Peanut Butter Pillows" of theirs and they were so good. Not too hard to make, not too many esoteric ingredients and it's chocolate & peanut butter together. What else do you want? Eat these warm out of the oven with some cold milk.

This is what you need for the chocolate cookie mantle:
And this is what you need for the creamy peanut butter magma:
Use your kindergarten clay skillz to make peanut butter balls:

Wrap up the pb ball in a layer of chocolate cookie dough:

They cook up a bit, so give them space on the cookie sheets:

Did I mention that these are delicious?

SVS East: Mom Edition

Mom came out and stayed the night with us last week, and we made Vegan Dad's Crispy Cajun Chickpea Cakes in her honor.

I messed them up, but Pete took over and we had a delicious dinner nevertheless.

I think that next time I would have added more flour, but I was too excited that Mom was there to slow down and do things right. The recipe definitely made more than the three of us needed, and it took a while to fry them up in batches (maybe we should have used our much larger frying pan), so we ended up eating while standing around in the kitchen keeping Pete company while he cooked.

On the bright side, Mom was there! Double fun!