Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fried Plantains

So, I know that I have been so terrible at updating, even though I have been cooking some delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes. Mostly, I forget to take photos while I'm cooking, think that what I'm making is not interesting enough to post, or just am a lazy bum. Sometimes it's all three.

This post is sort of a double fail though because I didn't cook the plantains myself and the photo featured isn't even of the actual plantains I ate. But man, were they delicious.

I figure that this is a good subject as a Costa Rica edition of Sunday Vegan Sunday, or at least the first CR Edition, seeing as this week I am most likely going to be cooking at the hostel to save money and will most likely also buy pretty much just veggies to save money. I'm interested to see what foods I can find and maybe I'll try actually making some fried plantains myself while I'm here. The lunch I had today was awesome, though not vegan. But it did include great black beans, some rice, and the surprisingly fantastic fried plantains. It might be the sort of dish that is only really good if it's cooked correctly, or maybe plantains are just way better cooked than bananas are. Nevertheless, they were very delicious and a wonderful new food.

Now I'm only half of a SVS blog loser.

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Jess Shambler said...

You are NOT a blog loser, first of all. Second of all the black beans, fried plantains, rice, and farmer's cheese breakfasts in CR were some of my favorite meals.

For my own part, I have a backlog of like 10 meals to post about. So, yeah. You're in good company.