Friday, December 5, 2008

Two fast dinners

1. Miso Soup & Toast

Boiling water
Miso paste
Sea vegetable (wakame, in this case)

Put water on to boil and bread in toaster (or in the oven, if, like us, you don't have a toaster). Meanwhile, put about a Tablespoon of miso paste in your favorite bowl with some dried seaweed/sea vegetable. DO NOT BURN THE TOAST. I do about twice a week, and it never fails to disappoint me.

When the water has come to a boil, remove from heat, let sit for a minute and then pour over seaweed and miso paste. Stir until all paste is dissolved. Do your toast up as you like it, and voila! Dinner.

(I made mine with Udon noodles, in which case, you should boil the noodles with the water & then add miso paste and sea vegetables to the pot with the noodles & hot water when the noodles are finished cooking.)

2. English Muffin Pizza & Salad

Pizza Ingredients:
English muffin, split
Pizza sauce (in a pinch, regular tomato sauce also works)
Toppings as desired (pictured: mushrooms & capers)

Put a generous spoonful of sauce on each face of the English muffin. Add toppings. Bake in oven for a bit. Again, DO NOT BURN!

Salad Ingredients:
Cherry/plum tomatoes
Walnuts (it's tasty to toast these sometimes)
Topped with Balsamic vinegar and flax oil

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batgirl said...

The Stella is definitely necessary with the miso soup.