Friday, February 27, 2009

Stir-Fried Leafy Greens and Marinated Tofu

I found two delicious, complementary recipes from Veganomicon, which I am greatly enjoying. One was Easy Stir Fried Leafy Greens and the other was Marinated Asian Tofu. I decided to use Kale for my leafy green, and it turned out really well. I was nervous because I've only cooked Kale once before, but this was a recipe that was difficult to mess up, which is my favorite kind of recipe.

I had originally intended for the tofu to be baked, but ran into a problem with the pressing draining process:
I think the problem was that I needed to get extra firm tofu instead of just firm tofu, or I pressed way to hard to drain it. For whatever reason (my theory is that tofu is a fickle substance to work with) it crumbled into lots of tiny pieces instead of the eight even pieces required for baking tofu. Using my newly acquired cooking improv skills, I decided to marinate the tofu anyway and fry it, making it into more of a tofu scramble. It worked out very well, and the tofu was very flavorful and delicious, blending nicely with the kale.

We made some jasmine rice and had the tofu and kale over it. It was delicious with white wine and made for awesome leftovers, as well. Ellen and I had a lovely dinner.

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Jess S. said...

YUM. You know I'm always looking for more ways to cook kale. I'll probably try this one out this week!