Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mexican Millet and Beans: East Coast

We recently started soaking dry beans instead of using canned ones. It's not quite as easy as canned beans (step one: open can step two: rinse step three: dump onto food), or as quick (you have to soak at least overnight, and then cook them for an hour and a half), but they are super delicious. (Another pro to soaking the beans: if you soak them for a really long time, like a couple of days, it gets the gas-makers out of the beans.) We soaked a combo of black beans and great northern beans, and the black beans turned the white ones a really lovely range of purples and lavenders. I like to call them "denim beans."

They didn't look quite this beautiful after we cooked them, but they were tasty, and that's what counts, right?

We used the millet, which was delicious. We didn't take nearly enough pictures, but here's a terrible video of us adding the millet to the onions et al.

And then there's the delicious, delicious kale. Here's how easy this was: Wash and chop the kale, put it in a bowl with some oil (I used flax oil, which is a good source of omega fatty acids) and a sprinkle of salt and crunch it up in your hands until it breaks down a bit.

Here's the thing about our dinner, we made something like 12 cups of beans, and a double recipe of the millet. We were hoping to have enough for a few lunches for the week. We ended up with enough food for a family of 6 for a week.

The millet and beans looks like Alpo in real life as well, but it's still really tasty. Here's how it looks a week later (granted, we didn't have it for lunch EVERY day).

I am so sick of Mexican Millet right now.

But not kale. Never, ever kale.

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