Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sunday # 1 - 9/21/08: Mexican Millet

West Coast

This first Sunday we cooked Mexican Millet, a recipe from Veganomicon

I have to say, I really don't cook that often. This is part of this experiment, along with experimenting with vegetarian dishes, I am experimenting with dishes made by me. So I ended up cooking only the millet, or in my case, rice. I think this was not only because I do not cook often, but also because I am cooking for one. So it ends of feeling a bit silly making three parts to a meal that I will mostly put in the fridge for later. I am sure as we continue on, I'll get more comfortable with everything. I did experiment with the recipe slightly, making it a vegetarian rather than vegan dish by adding cheese and sour cream to the end product. I also added black olives, which was a great addition, but Jess hates them.

I'm fairly certain I did most things wrong while cooking this dish. I chopped instead of diced, I diced instead of chopped, I used a pan that was too small, I didn't have a lid that would fully cover the pan, I browned the onions too long, and much, much more.

I would say, in my limited experience that the proof of the value of a recipe is how good it turns out when you fuck it up. And this was great. Tasty, scrumptious, and a delightful home cooked meal. Plus, it makes excellent leftovers. Last night it was my dinner again, but this time with an over easy egg in the middle. I also plan on making a burrito with beans and LOTS of olives. Now I just have to find something to make with the leftover ingredients.

Someone with little experience cooking can make this turn out delicious, despite cooking equipment and the lack of meat. My faith in vegan recipes is growing. Bring it on.

For dessert, I had strawberries with sour cream mixed with brown sugar. Delish.

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