Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday #2: Tofu a la Bourguignonne

Tonight we tried out this fancy tofu a la bouguignonne recipe Laura picked out. It seemed like a simple enough recipe, and the savory ingredients that make up the sauce sounded tasty. Plus, it sounds like something Julia Child would recommend making for dinner. (Well, minus the tofu, I suppose.) We don't cook a lot of French food around here, so it was a new set of smells in the kitchen for us. I was looking forward to the broth--onions and mushrooms together make for delicious times, especially when you throw some wine into the mix.

Of course, when cooking with wine, it's important to have a glass for yourself.

Some notes from the cooking:
*The tofu turned purple in the wine, which reminded me of the denim beans.
*It's nice to cook in pairs, because it makes it easier to do the dishes while you cook, and the chopping takes half the time.
*The sauce didn't really thicken up much.
*This dish would be best with some rice or maybe even pasta. We had toasted English muffins.

Pete didn't love it, and I agree that the tofu was a bit lackluster, but the sauce itself and the mushrooms especially, were pretty delicious. I'd try this recipe again, but maybe with seitan instead of tofu.

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