Sunday, October 5, 2008

West Coast - Tofu a la Bourguignonne (+ bonus Asparagus Soup)

I absolutely loved the Tofu a la B. (which is what I call it because Bourguignonne is hard to pronounce and spell). It was delicious and made for excellent leftovers. The mixture of flavors was great and for me the tofu soaked up just enough of the sauce to make it a good contrast to the rest of the dish. I had it over some rice, which was very nice. I ended up letting it simmer longer than the recipe suggested as I attempted to "let the sauce thicken", but it was still very tasty.

I also wanted to try out a recipe for Asparagus Soup:
Looks like baby food, pretty much tastes like it, too.

I had a few problems with this, not just the fact that it ended up tasting exactly like pureed asparagus. It took a lot longer than the recipe said (30 minutes), and maybe this was due to my inexperience or lack of a cooking partner or management of two (count 'em, TWO) dishes at once, but it seemed to take for freekin' ever to finish this. Plus, I ran out of room in my pot and ended up having to leave out the yogurt, which was a bummer because I think that may have made it a little nicer and creamier. I just added a lot of salt to the end result and it tasted okay, but I recommend either some serious cooking improv skills for soup with this one or sticking to better veggies.

The Tofu a la B. was great to cook and I haven't cooked tofu before and so was a little wary, but it's now one of my favorite dishes and I look forward to cooking with more tofu. Plus, it's a pretty easy dish and good by itself or as a side. Also, the wine makes for a pretty color as it cooks and is a great addition to the cooking/eating experience. I'm a little ashamed to say that I nearly finished the bottle of wine by myself, but you know, it's important not to waste a $2 bottle of wine.

It was a messy, green and burgundy cooking night. I took a little less photos because I was a little flustered with two dishes (count 'em).

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