Saturday, October 11, 2008

third Sunday

We made the vegetable stew earlier in the week, and didn't document it, because it was mostly an experiment. It ended up saving my life when I got a cold on Monday. I came home and added some lemon and raw garlic and cayenne and eating it with toast. It was so good and cleared my sinuses for at least an hour. Thank you, hearty vegetable stew!

We made dinner so quick (I was starving!) that we didn't even remember to take photos! Because I'd picked some up at the Union Square greenmarket after stumping for Banned Books Week like a good librarian, we had roasted portabellas (a la V-con) and made the chickpeas dish with tatsoi (a relative of bok choi) instead of spinach, . Here's a photo of tatsoi, since I didn't take one, which is a shame because it was a really lovely specimen:

This is definitely one of my new favorite greens. It had a really good flavor and was kind of crunchy, even after cooking. If I can keep finding it at the greenmarket (and keep finding time to go there during the week), I will be having this again and again, though probably not as often as my true sweetheart, kale.

We cooked the portabellos after the chickpeas (it was a hectic hungry dinner cooking, which usually leads to a disorganized meal), and it was definitely a winner. We'll also be having these whenever I come across fresh portabellos.

Here's a very dim picture of Pete's, from when I suddenly rushed in and saying "We totally forgot to take photos of everything for the blog!!! ARGH!"

Note, if you can, the totally charming TV tray. We finally found a pair!

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