Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday # 3 - Tumeric Chickpeas and Spinach (+ Irish Soda Bread + Vegetable Stew)

West Coast
This was a landmark dinner for me. Not only did I cook three different dishes, I had someone else there to eat the food with me afterward. It was sort of like a mini dinner party, and a success! The chickpeas were yummy (and pretty), but I didn't get enough spinach, so they turned out to be a little dry. But it helped to have the yummy vegetable stew because we just poured some of the stew onto the chickpeas. I also made couscous to go with the chickpeas and some Irish soda bread as a side for the stew. It was really fun, really delicious, and really awesome. Not to brag, or anything.
The stew was very colorful and easy to cook. The recipe makes tons of soup, so it's good leftovers, and it's chock full of very healthy veggies like kale, bell pepper, and mushrooms. The flavors are awesome and I was very happy that there was so much garlic in this recipe. It was also very pretty with the yellow pepper, orange carrot, red tomato, and bright green kale (unfortunately not pictured).

The Irish Soda Bread was incredibly easy to make. I bought a new baking sheet and it turns out it's too big for my tiny little oven so I improvised. I made them vegan with soymilk instead of buttermilk and they were very tasty and great with the stew.

I managed to make all of the dishes and not ruin everything, so I say SUCCESS! It helped to have an extra set of hands there, but really, I was the chef. I'm sure Matt will agree. See, there he is, agreeing.

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Jess Shambler said...

Great work with the dinner, lady! Our oven is too small for regular-sized baking sheets, but the round cookie sheets work great. In fact, I'm beginning to prefer them. That soda bread recipe is going to come in handy. It's so cozy to have homemade bread in such a short amount of time.