Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say Yes to Pesto

So, I had a difficult time with making pesto. The only blender I have is the Magic Bullet, pictured above. It is a great blender for small meals, great for smoothies/mixed drinks, and pretty easy to use and clean, plus small (good for a small apartment). But sometimes it does not work like a normal blender and there need to be special recipes for it.

I tried out one recipe for pesto and it turned out pretty bad; it was almost liquefied and not too tasty. I tried a little on a small bowl of bow-tie pasta (my fav) and it was edible, but not good. In fact, it was bad. Very bad.

I decided to try again, this time with a recipe I found online specifically for the Magic Bullet blender. It looks a little different, as it includes vegetarian Parmesan cheese (I used normal Parmesan, don't know if that matters) and salt [?]. Waaaaaaaaaayyy too much salt. Plus it needs to be microwaved, which meant I had to go to Eirik's to make it because I don't have a microwave. It was better than my first attempt, but I would definitely not add salt (or add a lot less) and it took a lot longer than the recipe said.

I guess we all had misadventures in pesto this cooking time around. I'll post the pictures and recipe for the Tortilla soup soon so that we can see how that goes for the Speers.

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